Always excellent, Jay takes great care to listen to what you need, understand your body, and deliver a massage that hits the spot. I always feel more relaxed, looser, and very well looked after when I have a massage here. Highly recommended.
Sarah a month ago

I had the most amazing sports massage with Jay. He was extremely knowledgable on injuries and release techniques to help my chronic pain. He was extremely welcoming too and we had a great chat after the treatment. I will definitely be seeing Jay again! A star masseur!
Yasmine 2 months ago

Jay is great! He really takes the time to do a thorough consultation to fit your needs for the session m and it doesn’t come out of your massage time! It is in his house which made me actually feel much more comfortable than expected and it was professional and immaculately clean. Had a massage for my sports injury but he never went past my personal pain threshold and I ended up asleep at the end as he finished off with a really relaxing technique so that it wasn’t all painful! Would definitely recommend!
India 2 months ago

Always absolutely wonderful. Relaxing, restorative and you know it's also doing your muscles a world of good
Becky 2 months ago

I almost don't want to write this because I worry that Jay will then get inundated with clients and I'll never get to see him again (!) but I've been seeing Jay for about 5 years now and he is always so kind and welcoming. His massages are always great, whether all-over or pinpointing certain areas, and even though I don't get to go as often as I wish I could, he never fails to remember what we've talked about in the past, whether related to health or personal life. He always tries to accommodate me, is professional and I leave feeling better after seeing him.
Megan 2 months ago

Everything was great!
Anonymous 3 months ago

A fantastic massage as I’ve come to expect here. This guy really cares.
Anonymous 3 months ago

Great as always!
Anonymous 4 months ago

Great massage. Jay is very knowledgeable and professional!
Anonymous 4 months ago

Jay was great! Really knowledgeable and a great massage! My sports injury is feeling much better following the treatment.
Philippa 4 months ago

v good
Eleanor 5 months ago

Really great service
Anonymous 6 months ago

Jay works from his home, it was a bit difficult to find but well worth it. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I will be going back for sure!
Anonymous 8 months ago

Wasn’t expecting to turn up to somebodies lounge. Very friendly but did not really focus on the area of my back that I was really aggravating me so didn’t leave feeling satisfied. But was good value for a massage if you want to relax and are tense as opposed to having back problems
Anonymous 10 months ago

Great massage!
Sanne Elise Den Besten 10 months ago

I’ve been seeing Jay for a few months now and I’ve always had a great experience. He is very good at his job, my muscles tension is gone and I feel relaxed after every session.He is very knowledgeable and professional, I would happily recommend him to anyone.
Kinga a year ago

Jay was incredibly thorough in taking the time to understand my history and how various background details might affect the tension and chronic pain I manage. His massage was intuitive and very much integrated the information/understanding he absorbed through his initial questions and assessment of my conditions. I left feeling holistically calmed, and the reduced tension of some very chronic conditions lasted for several days after. Magic!
Erin a year ago

Jason is amazing! His massages are both therapeutic and relaxing and he has really helped my back issues. An absolute jem and a wonderful find in London.
Amber May 2018

Jay is great. He is an excellent remedial, health and well-being therapist. He listens and treats accordingly. He massages through knowledge and understanding. I highly recommend him.
Donna May 2018

I’ve visited Jay for a few times now and I was always satisfied with the treatment a received. He is professional and qualified, I highly recommend to anyone.
Kinga May 2018

Jay is a very friendly and highly skilled masseur. His massage is tailored to your body's needs and you can feel the resulting change for the better. Highly recommended.
Adrian April 2018

Great sports massage, he’s very knowledgeable about what he’s doing, and a lovely person!
Emily April 2018

Deeply relaxing and strongly therapeutic at the same time. After the first session Jay was able to identify parts of my body that were tight, tense or weak, and I can feel a difference in those areas after only a couple of weeks. Plus he’s lovely :) . Highly recommend.
Lauren April 2018

Jay makes you feel incredibly welcome and obviously really cares about what he does. He listens to what you want out of a treatment and works hard to create a bespoke massage that works best for you. He’s always cheerful, professional and a pleasure to visit. Would 110% recommend.
Richard March 2018

A truly great experience, Jay looks at each treatment individually for the most relaxing and therapeutic massage
Lasma March 2018

I had a wonderful massage. The heated massage table made the experience all the more relaxing. The massage was so great, in fact, that I went home and slept for 9 hours straight - that never happens to me!
Anonymous Feb’ 2018

Excellent massage from a great guy. Listened to what was going on and got to the heart of the problem quickly! Thanks Jay!

David. February. 2018

I have now received various massage treatments from Jay and everyone of them has been just what I needed. Whilst I’m only young I struggle with pain in my back, shoulders and ankles! Jay does a whole body approach targeting all my issues. He takes care in listening to what my main issue is on the day of the treatment.
I can’t recommend him enough!
Jay is your go to guy in all areas; stress, muscle tension, aches and pains!

Millie. February 2018

Can't recommend Jay highly enough. He really listened to the pain issue I had and addressed it really well. He really knows his stuff. If you want a fluffy back rub, he's not the therapist for you. If you need a massage that genuinely helps relieve your pain, then this is the bloke for you. Thanks Jay.

Suki. January 2018

​Wow Jay you literally are a magician with muscles! Best massage I've ever had as you really tailor it. You can tell you know what you are doing plus you are great fun too. Buy a bundle of 6 for the best value massages in London by a long shot!

Jill. January 2018

Without a doubt the best sports massage I've had having seen 10 or so different people in the past. Jay offers a really personalised service which really gets to the root of any problems you hope to relieve through sports massage. Friendly, knowledegable and just a great service overall!

Anon. December 2017

A very helpful and effective massage. Jay explains his approach and makes the whole experience feel safe and yet well targeted.
Paul. October 2017

​It went beyond expectations. Highly recommended.

Manuel. Septeember. 2017

​​Wow! An excellent massage therapist. My back pain was really bad and I was struggling to deal with it that particular week. Jay is amazing and tailors the massage to your needs. I would recommend it 100%. Great service!! Thanks again
Sophie, August 2017

Jay's massage was excellent, and I'm glad I found him. Caring, knowledgeable and sensitive, he took the time to listen to me, address the areas I wanted him to pay specific attention to and tailor the massage appropriately. I will definitely return.

​Anon, August 2017

Jay really knows his stuff and gives a truly therapeutic massage with his extensive knowledge of physiology. He's friendly, professional, and puts you at ease finding out your unique therapeutic needs. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Fiona. August 2017

I am never disappointed after one of Jay's massages. It is part of my self-care routine, and Jay asks me not only about any physical stresses or pains, but about how my stress and work is affecting me recently. Jay is kind and I strongly recommend his massages for anyone.


Jay is fantastic. He really listens to my needs and every time I feel refreshed and relaxed. Thanks!

​Gloria. August 2017

10/10 Jay is fab very welcoming and helped me feel relaxed. the massage was for a pain in my hip Jay was excellent at finding the route of my pain and made sure the massage was beneficial and relaxing. will definitely be booking back in. couldn't recommend him more! X
Anna. August 2017 

The best sports massage I've ever had! Jay was very professional and put me at ease, and took the time to have a consultation with me before getting to work, so he could really focus on my niggles. He clearly knows his stuff! The massage was in Jay's flat, so it was very private, quiet and relaxing.

Ruth. August 2017

Jay was excellent in his approach. He took time to listen to my issues and came up with a well balanced and well structured therapeutic massage and explained his rationale for a lot of his methods. Even kind enough to send a follow up email with further advice regarding my problems. Will certainly be returning again and would definitely recommend.

Ravi. July 2017

Jay is very attentive and knowledgeable. He takes his time in assessing what areas of the body needs attention.

A. July 2017

Jay was friendly and professional and put me at ease. I have hip problems and the massage helped! It has given me hope that I might not need surgery which was what I'd been told elsewhere. He has an excellent understanding of anatomy and will tailor your treatment to your therapeutic needs.

Fiona, May 2017

Jay took the time to run through the issues that I have been having and really knew his stuff. Highly recommend!

Tom, May 2017

Jay was very knowledgeable and professional. Many thanks.

James, April 2017

I loved my massage with Jay! My neck was in a great deal of pain and Jay spent plenty of time listening to my story and asking relevant questions to understand the cause of the problem and tailor make a treatment for me. He not only helped ease my pain but also gave me 'homework' in the form of useful exercises to do at home/in the office to help get rid of the injury completely and prevent its return. He is a professional and an expert in all things massage therapy. Also, he is a really lovely guy to chat to. I have already booked a second session and will be back again and again. Recommended.

​Federica. April 2017

I had a great experience with Jay. He addressed my pain and stiffness and focused on what I expressed as my problem. I have been to many different massage therapists and Jay is one of the best I have experienced. He is friendly and put me at ease right away. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Allison, March 2017

​Jay was very professional and during the consultation explained that he would be working on not just the muscle, but also the 'fascia' (gel-like layer) between the muscle and skin, which seemed to help. He included some pressure point techniques too which I found very beneficial. His prices are very reasonable and he also provided tips and exercises to do at home as a follow up.

Crystal, March 2017

A great experience overall. Have been having rally bad shoulder troubles from over training at at the gym. Jay has managed to get me back to form by understanding my problem and giving me targeted tips on how to resolve it. Highly recommended.

​Andreas, March 2017

​​Jason was extremely friendly, and we started with a thorough consultation before the time started which was excellent. It meant that we really got into some of my tightness and pain over the course of the session.

​OllY, January 2017

Jay was very friendly and helpful and the massage was very good. Jay listened to my problems and addressed them during the treatment. He also gave me some tips for improving my pain issues at home.

​Verna, November 2016

Jason offers a truly tailored treatment. I had been suffering from some lower back pain and tight hamstrings and Jason took his time to understand what I needed. He was very professional, made me feel at ease and also gave me exercises to do at home.

Margaret. October 2016

​I booked a massage for after a half marathon and Jay gave a professional and tailored treatment which involved a short consultation before to understand what I wanted. The massage was a great mix of sports massage for my running stiffness and neck/shoulder where I always have issues. Jay works out of his home and the atmosphere was extremely friendly, relaxed and professional; I felt immediately at ease. And you can choose your own music from Spotify if you wish! Highly recommended.

​Kate. September 2016

I have straightening of my lower spine, constant pain and tightness in my hips, as well as lots of tension/pain in my upper traps/ scapula area. I have hypermobility. I'm a regular gym user. Work shift work where I'm on my feet all day. As a guy, the whole idea of getting a massage was a bit alien. But Jay made me feel comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Jay, was extremely knowledgeable, professional and attentive. His home set up is extremely comfortable and it was a less daunting experience in my mind then going to a clinic. Jay was able to identify all my problem areas and in the best possible way, find areas I didn't know I had problems with!
After the treatment i left feeling utterly relaxed, de-stressed and I can't recall having that level of mobility or having no tension at all in my body in my adult life.I will DEFINITELY be booking in more treatments with Jay, I highly recommend him.

​Shakeel. September 2016

When I booked the massage with Jason I hadn't realized it was at his home (my fault for not reading the details properly) and I felt a bit wary as a woman going to a man's home. However Jason immediately made me feel comfortable and safe and the massage was great. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Bekki. September 2016

Jay was very easy to get along with and I immediately felt comfortable. After a 10 min consultation he explained what he would be doing with my treatment and made sure I was ok with it. He took the time to listen to my symptoms and where I was feeling sore and adapted the massage accordingly. I felt that he focused a appropriate amount of time on my problem areas and the rest of my body. After the massage he showed me stretches to help with my sore muscles. Just one day after being treated I was pain free (my pain had been there for over a month so it wasn't a coincidence!). I would happily recommend Jay to anyone and will be returning for future treatments. Thank you J!

Jacquelin. August 2016

As a new mum lugging an increasingly heavy infant around, I had been struggling with stiffness and pain across my upper back, shoulders and down into my hands. Jay's massage expertly targeted the painful areas, opening up my arms and chest that were locked into cradling position, and leaving me feeling relaxed and walking untensed for the first time in weeks.
Jay's treatment room is comfortable and relaxing, his manner is friendly and informative, and he followed up with details of some stretches for me to do in the following days to help consolidate his good work. I would recommend a massage with Elementary whether you have aches and pains you need to address or just want a bit of pampering.

Joanne. August 2016

Jay was a saviour! I went there almost unable to walk and after a very thorough assessment he has managed to stretch my back and allow me to release some tension and gradually get back. The ambience is very relaxing, and indeed a very good treatment.

Simonetta. July 2016

​Great atmosphere, great massage - always a pleasure.

Giles. June 2016

Jay was really welcoming and super friendly. I have quite a few issues with my back and he assessed it properly, and was very professional. 

The massage was definitely one of the top massages I've had. He is very very good. Will go back for sure.

Sara. June 2016

Jay is very friendly and professional, I had a deep tissue massage treatment as I wanted to relax for a bit and I got exactly what I was looking for. Will go back soon!

Angelica. May 2016

Jay, Thank you for a lovely massage, the experience was open and welcoming, I felt comfortable right from the start, I didn't want it to end! I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a massage in London. Thank you very much Jay!

Tyler. May 2016.

​I suffer with back and neck pain and got days of relief after Jay's excellent massage. His massage was so personalised- this was the stand out feature. He also recommended stretches I could do to help as well. The massage takes place at his flat so you don't quite get the spa ambience but what you do get is your own choice of music, Jay's infectious personality and a truly excellent massage for a reasonable price!

Jill. May 2016

​​Excellent massage! Great location, great ambience - picked my own music - and it felt like a treatment, with Jay giving me exercises and stretches to help my back, rather than a punch-in-punch-out massage that you often get.

Martin. April 2016

Jason was spot on in treating areas I was holding a lot of tension. Not all massage therapist can work on me as my mind often goes on a wonder... "their hands are too cold, not enough pressure or ouch get off this is painful..." 
But with Jason my mind was totally switched off... I drifted off and enjoyed feeling loose, relaxed and flexible. Which is what keeps me in shape especially with Scoliosis... A lovely maintenance session and I especially enjoyed his stretch techniques.... Looking forward to the next.

Marie. April 2016

Very relaxing, a lot of chronic issues I've had are feeling better after my first treatment!

Emily April 2016

​Great massage. Jay is obviously very experienced and my massage felt bespoke. I felt really great after the massage, and it even overran a little. I would definitely recommend Jay.

Jessica April 2016

Brilliant massage! J really understood my needs and helped me with back pain and the many knots. Excellent follow up and advice offered. Looking forward to booking another massage very soon!

Lucy March 2016

I highly recommend anyone that requires attention to their sport DOMS to see Jay. He spends time finding out what your requirements are and in my case it was helping me with my marathon training pains. He has honestly made it easier for me to get back to training not only with his deep tissue massage but also with his aftercare advice. He is very informative and has a very welcoming and friendly manner.
Trust me you will not be disappointed if you book an appointment as you will come out feeling relaxed. Its also great to meet someone who really cares and enjoys what they do.

Antoinette March 2016

Jay took the time to understand my needs (down to requesting my music preference!) and was knowledgeable, professional and followed up by recommending exercises I could do at home. All in all great value for money.

Emma Feb 2016

Jay was perfect. Friendly and warm and explained everything. I left feeling much more relaxed and happy I had chosen well.
Tom. Feb 2016

I don't want to just say it was the best massage ever, as that is such a standard review, and i think short changes this truly exceptional man. So ill go into some detail. I suffer from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, 2 illnesses which cause great pain. sometimes I am unable to even get out of bed and walk. I have been under a top Dr for 2 years. And every day, all day I suffer severe pain. But not any more!!! I don't know if i'm just extra responsive to Jay's treatment, but after only 2 sessions with Jay my life has changed beyond measure. Jay has a different approach to massage than any other person who has massaged me before. Instead of kneading the muscles Jay ever so gently manipulates and stretches my muscles with outstanding results. My movement has also increased a huge amount. I can't stress how much I can recommend Jay. He is such a lovely guy, I can tell he really loves what he does, which makes for a much better experience. PLEASE book an appointment and experience what I have. You won't regret it. Nor will you ever go to anyone else ever again.
Thank you for reading. I know it's a long one, but it deserves to be.
Richard. Feb 2016

My massage with Jay was 5 out of 5. The location was extremely relaxing and the text beforehand to ask for music choice was a lovely change from the usual whale music and pan pipes you experience at salons. Jay's approach was extremely professional and thorough. He asked me to arrive 10 minutes early to discuss what I was looking for and focus areas. I was running late so this discussion took place during my appointment but Jay continued my appointment well past the end of the hour which is an example of his thoroughness. He also followed up with an email which included suggested stretches and follow up care I could incorporate. I have regular massages due to the level of contact sport I do plus ongoing maintenance so have experienced both good and bad massages. Jay is definitely at the top end of the good range and I am already planning on coming back for my monthly massages going forward. I have also recommended him to my flatmates.
Catherine. Feb 2016

Jay was absolutely lovely, super friendly and instantly put me, a massage virgin, completely at ease. He was very considerate throughout and checked I was happy with the pressure as it was my first time. Though working from his living room the environment is relaxed and spotlessly clean, welcoming and comfortable. Jay asked me to come 10 minutes early for a consultation in which we discussed my needs and lifestyle in detail so that he could tailor the massage to best suit me, which meant the massage was very effective as well as the calming experience I was looking for. Jay gave me a tennis ball and follow up email with stretches and exercises to help my shoulder and lower back pain which was great, and I certainly will be doing them. Much better value for money than a generic spa/salon massage. Overall it was a wonderful experience and exactly what I needed, have already recommended him to friends and will certainly be returning!
Eleanor. Jan 2016

​Jay was great - really caring guy, made me feel very at ease during my first ever massage. Felt like he had all the time in the world and thoughtfully tailored the treatment to my needs. Really good pressure, incredibly relaxing but also felt like it effectively worked out some very tense areas. Seems very good value for money - will be booking again :)
​Rebecca. Jan 2016

Best massage I've found in London. Love the fact that I was able to put on my favourite music. J also gave me some great tips and informed me of the areas that needed the most attention. He was able to spot a lot of tension in my neck that I never thought I had and showed me some very effective stretches. Definitely going back for another massage soon.
Olga. Feb 2016

A really great session, felt very relaxed afterwards and would definitely be coming back. Great advice was given in regards to back trouble, which I found very beneficial.
Sophie. Feb 2016

Jason was great. He listened to what I needed from my massage and was super helpful and kind. He made me feel at ease straight away. His house was really easy to find and the room was really relaxing. Thanks so much!

Clare. Feb 2016

Jason's treatment room is lovely and relaxing; plush cushions, scented candles, music. Everywhere was perfectly clean and actually it was nice to go to a quiet home as opposed to a busy salon with a constantly ringing noisy phone and slamming doors. My massage was fantastic with plenty of attention given all over and to the knots in my back finished off with a scalp massage. I was given a choice of massage oils which was a lovely touch. Overall I would highly recommend and shall certainly be returning.
Sarah. Nov 2015

Absolutely wonderful massage! Jay was professional, friendly, dedicated and very reassuring. I find I hold most of my tension in my shoulders but Jay tailored the massage to work on those areas – thank you! I would have to say the best massage I have ever had - highly recommend! Will definitely be going back soon.
Lisa. Jan 2016

Jason was really friendly and made me feel at ease - he text me beforehand to ask me to come earlier so that we could discuss my needs without cutting into our session - and in fact he went over by a whole half an hour without expecting any additional payment. The massage was very relaxing and I felt completely comfortable with Jason - he even emailed me afterwards with details of extra exercises that I could do, along with videos - he really does go the extra mile.
Megan. Dec 2015

Fantastic. Left me feeling super relaxed. I'm a returning customer to help release the knots in my muscles. J helps me feel comfortable and also helps to really tackle my problem areas whilst continually asking if the pressure is okay. Also a nice touch to have a choice of your music with Spotify. Great value for money and Highly recommended.
Louise. Dec 2015

Having received this massage as a birthday gift, i must confess i was not excited, having never enjoyed the experience on previous occassions. I was obviously going to the wrong places. On my arrival at Jason's, i felt totally at ease walking into a clean, warm, comfortable environment. Jason asked my expectations/needs and delivered on all plus more. He was very professional and i have now booked a course. Highly recomended.
Thanks Jason.
Natasha. Dec 2015

I've used Elementary a few times after a friend introduced me through one of their promotional offers. At £25 I thought it might be rubbish but I was so glad I went. Jay made me feel at home straight away. The treatments have all been great and my continued patronage is testimony to that (I'm a fussy so and so).
Samantha July 2015

You should have seen the both of us after your massage, happy, smiling and very relaxed. Then, Monday came and unfortunately we felt the " office effect" again. We definitively will be contacting you again, and recommend you to anyone that need a good massage.
Rosana & Trina. Aug 2015

Really great - would go as far as to say it's the best place I've been to in London. Was initially unsure about seeing a male therapist but Jason was fantastic, really put me at ease, and not sure I've ever got along as well with a massage therapist before. I've tried a fair few places in London, looking for the right experience and happy to say I think I've found it. Won't be going anywhere else from now on. Thanks Jason!
Briony. Aug 2015

When it became apparent my back pain was not going to improve by the morning without professional intervention, I managed to get a last minute appointment at Elementary Massage. Jay not only worked on the tension in my upper back and shoulders, but also provided a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage which not all therapists are happy to include as part of a full body massage. The treatment is described as "The Tailor Made" and Jay did indeed tailor the session to my specific problems, investing the time on the areas which needed it most. Very friendly, got results and conveniently based. I'll definitely be back soon, it was a great first session. Recommended!
Shona. Nov 2015

Jay made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed the experience. I got lost on the way there and called him and he was very nice about it all. I think he overran on my booked 1.5 hours so that was very generous too. It is a bit unusual being in a flat, but actually much nicer, thinking back on it, than a traditional treatment set up. The massage itself was wonderful and I hope I will be able to go again soon.
Edwina. Nov 2015

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