Myofascial Release

THE massage treatment for those serious about their musculo-skeletal health. Using a variety of techniques and with minimal use of wax/oil. Working deep into the muscles engaging with releasing and gently stretching fascial adhesion's (knots and pain points). The Benefits are - increased range of movement - encourages better posture - pain relief - alleviates stress.

Whether you are an active sporty type or recovering from surgery; have adopted poor postural positions sat at a desk - Myofascial Release will have you pain free and increase your performance.

The fascia is a gel like substance made of Collagen, Elastin and Ground Substance that stabilises, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs alongside encompassing every nerve fibre. It is said to have 10 x the pain receptors than the actual muscle. Fascial restrictions are caused by trauma, surgery, repetitive motions, prolonged poor posture/positioning, and thwarted inflammatory responses. A healthy fascial system should be soft and pliable whereas a restricted system begins to solidify and the tissue dehydrates.

Block bookings.

3x1 Hour - £135**T's and C's Apply

6x1 Hour - £240*​​*T's and C's Apply

£35 - 30 Mins

£50 - 1 Hour

£70 - 90 mins

Clinical Massage

In pain, having difficulty with range of movement, getting to sleep.....? There is no need. Consult with Jay and together we can start to repair your body. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding the different musculoskeletal pathologies that can invade our lives. He will look to have reduced your pain significantly within the first 3 sessions and to have you pain free in no more than 6. Using the renowned Jing Institute approach of "Fix In 6"

Deep Tissue Massage

Jay can work into those underlying muscles. Working with your body not against it allows him to sink in to those deeper fibres without causing pain or distress, you will find it deeply relaxing as well as hugely effective on those tired and overworked problem areas.

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Sport Massage

Want to improve your potential? Want to train harder? Plagued by injury/ies? Jay will carry out a full fact finding consultation, where we can decide on the best way to get you fitter, stronger and into the shape you want to be. Make massage a regular part of your well-being and training you will not look back.

Swedish & Deep relaxation massage

Tired, stressed, sleepless, need some "me time" (don't we all)? Jay will look to loosen up those tense areas, especially upper back, shoulders and neck. The time on the couch is YOUR time so if there is something particular you want focused upon (feet say) Jay will accommodate. Choose your own music if you wish and relax.